8 Signs It’s Time For A Website Redesign

website redesign

Knowing the right time for a website redesign is always not clear. It is an investment in resources, money, and time. A website redesign strategy for an organization is not complicated if the investment is worth the effort and time. After taking the decision, everyone expects the return on the investment from a website redesign. To get the desired results, your path should be clear.

There are several reasons to redesign your website. The decision should be based on your business goals and the user experience. In this blog, we will discuss the need for a website redesign.

How Long Does A Website Redesign Take?

A website redesign usually takes two and six months to complete. It entirely depends on the scope and the size of your project. A fifty-page website will take less time compared to a ten thousand-page e-commerce website with multiple systems and databases.

The time for website redesign also depends on the development team. It depends on your team’s ability to work on the feedback, approvals, roadblocks, and efficiencies tackled along the way.

It’s essential to give your website the time it needs to be successful. Always ensure you and your team set appropriate expectations for the organization. It will help you to avoid rushing the launch and facing disappointment in the final project.

How Much Is The Cost of Website Redesign?

The cost depends on the size and complexity of the website redesign project. The other is how you want the website built and the content management system. Squarespace and Wix are the platforms that allow website redesign utilizing a plug-and-play website builder. However, these options are cost-effective due to rigid and limiting features. That’s how these are not great options for most businesses and organizations.

A custom lead generation website redesign for a small to medium-sized organization might cost between $10,000 – $40,000. The cost can reach as high as $100,000 – $200,000 when you add interactive features, integrations, and custom designs. Custom eCommerce websites range between $150,000 to $500,000 plus.

How Often Should Websites Be Redesigned?

Websites should be redesigned when you see the sites are no longer meeting the needs of your customers and organization. This usually happens over three to five years. Some organizations need to redesign their websites more often due to technological improvement. A traditional manufacturing company does not need a website redesign since no changes in the company and branding information are required.

Eight Signs It’s Time For A Website Redesign

We have talked about the basics of website redesign. Let’s look at the most common signs indicating the requirement for a website redesign.

  • Website Is Old: It can be the primary indicator. The older websites typically operate on older technologies. Utilizing older technologies can create bad experiences for the users and editors. Updating your technology can improve the user experience for your website with faster page load and more interactive content.
  • Website Is Not Showing In Search Results: If your website is not showing in the search results, there could be a reason for old technology and poor user experience. To achieve an online presence website redesign is required. It can be done if your website has the appropriate tools and technology to accommodate it.
  • Spending Too Much On Ongoing Updates: Your websites should constantly be improved and updated. Suppose you are spending a lot of resources, budget, and time on the current website updates. In that case, it may require website redesign over time. It can cause more problems than solutions.
  • Spending A significant Amount Of Time Making Updates: If you spend a considerable amount of time making simple updates on your website. It might be worth thinking about the website redesign with the new technology. The simple updates might include adjustments to the landing pages, CTAs, banners, blog content, resource content, header, and footer content.
  • Using Content Management System That Does Not Work For Your Organization: There are many content management systems available in the market that can help you to manage your website. It will help if you are looking for other technologies that may better suit your needs.
  •  Website Doesn’t Work For Mobile Devices: A significant percentage of all organic search traffic comes from mobile devices. If your website doesn’t work for mobile devices and there is a heavy lift to get on the website. Then you may consider shifting to website redesign with new technology responsive to all devices.
  •  Your Current Experience Is Not What Target Audience Expect: There should be an option on your website where customers can share their experiences while surfing your website. It will help you determine if your existing website can meet the users’ needs.
  •  You Are Missing Opportunities To Showcase Your Organization: Sometimes, the older websites aren’t capable of showcasing your brand, product, and service the way they should be showcased. The users may also question your ability to meet the expectations if your website is slow, outdated, and clunky.


There is never a right or wrong time for a website redesign, which entirely depends on your current situation. However, these indicators can help you to figure out whether you should go for a website redesign or not. You can examine your website’s technology, survey your customers, weigh the cons/pros, and get the estimated cost for a website redesign. All these will help your team decide whether to continue improving your current website and go for a new website redesign. If you are having difficulty analyzing your website, you should seek an expert’s advice for assistance.

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