Importance of The Most Searched Google Keywords and Bold Keywords in SEO

most searched keywords

Keywords are essential for any business as they help engage people who search for content similar to you. Google’s most searched keywords by visitors could be taken up just as quickly as the most popular cheap flights for a holiday, but what’s better is that you can use this knowledge to help establish your brand and increase traffic towards your website.

On the other hand, if you don’t know how to garner interest with the most searched keywords, it might be a waste of effort. Without thoughtful use of most searched keywords effectively like Italic or Bold Keywords style, your content will lose valuable search traffic.

Certain things need to do if you want your website to perform well. On that note, “most searched keywords” are one of the primary things to make your business marketing success.

Let’s dig out some more information about the most searched keywords and the importance of bold keywords in SEO!

What Are The Most Searched Keywords?

The most searched keywords are the words (and terms or phrases) you might want to include in your content. In this case, it can be within a blog post or website content. The idea is to catch the visitors as quickly as possible and convert them into potential customers.

Why Are The Most Searched Keywords Important To SEO?

Most searched keywords help increase your website rankings on search engines when they appear on the search engine results page (SERP) so that you have a better chance of appearing on Google’s first page of results.

Meta contents, website page content, and blog posts content which include these most searched keywords, have high chances of getting top positions in search engine result pages.

Most Searched Keywords on Google 2021

Every year, Google released the list of most searched keywords in various categories as the year’s trending topics. These categories include movies, sports, news, games, foods, styles, How to search and many more.

You can visit Google’s Year In Search mini-site to find all the trending topics of 2021 here.

Importance of Bold Keywords in SEO?

As per the studies, targeted keywords appear to have greater significance in search results with BOLD tags. It doesn’t directly affect SEO because Google will pick up the keyword whether it is in standard or bold type. However, it influences content readability, making content more appealing and potentially attracting more traffic.

The bold keywords always attract reader attention if you use them wisely wherever necessary. So, it’s more beneficial for user attention than search engines.

According to Google’s John Mueller –

So if you want to kind of like simplify it to a one-word answer, does bolding important points on a paragraph helps the SEO? Yes, it does. It does help us to understand that paragraph or that page better.

How To Identify The Most Searched Keywords On Google?

One of the most common ways to find out the most searched keywords is keyword research, using Google tools. You can type a keyword in the search box and look for the search competition below the search box.

Another better way than this is by using paid tools like SEO PowerSuite, which has accurate data from Google. Alternatively, you could use the free tool “Keyword Tool” provided by Google.

Tools To Find The Trending Keywords On Google With High Search Volume

You can use a few free and paid keyword research tools to quickly and easily find the most searched keywords, with high search volume, search competition, etc., features. You can also find the keywords based on your business, service/product, and location basis as per the range of your audiences.

Free Keyword Research Tools

  1. Google Keyword PlannerKeyword
  2. Google Trends

Paid Keyword Research Tools

  1. SEMrush
  2. Ahrefs
  3. Buzzsumo
  4. Moz Keyword Explorer
  5. Jaaxy
  6. SECockpit
  7. Keywords Everywhere

Benefits Of Keyword Research

Google Keyword Planner can be used in more than just one way according to the nature of your business. Apart from that, there are many other benefits of conducting extensive keyword research. For example, once you have a good idea of what people are looking for, you can surely use this to your advantage by supplying them with your targeted products or services.

This way, you’re only going to benefit in the long run with more traffic and eventually conversions to sales if done right. Also, the best way to figure out which are the most searched keywords in your business.

  • Target right audience
  • Competitive analysis
  • Create personalized keywords
  • Marketing trend insights
  • Better organic rankings
  • Get quality traffic
  • Enhance SEO metrics
  • Enhanced conversion rate
  • Cost-effective
  • Save time
  • Find relevant keywords without hassle

How Do You Create Good Internal Linking Structure With Google Most Searched Keywords?

Another important fact about most searched keywords and bold keywords is the internal linking structure of your site. Since these keywords consider as important, they should link from various pages on your website.

Generally speaking, you could link them to various landing pages within a website or URLs outside of your domain. While working on linking, if you use these most searched keywords with a relevant landing page to navigate, it attracts more quality traffic in no time.


Keywords are like the foundation to your online business success, but it is necessary to use them correctly to make your content is more readable for humans. Also, make sure that you’re not stuffing keywords into the body of your content. Instead, add these most searched keywords to content where necessary, whether in a bold or standard font. Then, use it as a value presentation and people will trust you, visit again, and eventually buy from you.

Need assistance in keyword-relevant content writing services for your website or eCommerce store (product descriptions)? Devgraphix can be the best choice to hire a professional content writer who has complete knowledge in finding the most searched keywords and SEO guidelines to make your services or products rank on 1st page of search engine result pages.

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