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Email marketing is the key to many successful business stories: it is an affordable and extremely profitable strategy, as well as an efficient solution that reaches potential customers in a place that more or less everyone visits every day – precisely in the email inbox, regardless of where they are at that moment.

Numerous research results from 2017 show the following: 62% of millennials and 65% of Gen Z members prefer brand messages via email, as opposed to other channels, such as Facebook. In this regard, as many as 72% of consumers, in the age range of 25 to 34, believe that email will still exist a decade from now. The results are tempting!

What if we can say that well-segmented email marketing with an effective and personalized newsletter can bring you amazing marketing results?  Carefully read this blog of ours to find out how!

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a part of a digital marketing strategy, and it involves creating and sending personalized emails to a clearly defined database of email addresses.

Its greatest importance is that it allows you to conveniently, simply and efficiently connect with potential customers – by offering a specific product/service to a clearly defined target group, you create a sense of trust among customers.

Once that chain is established, it leads to loyal customers who will return to you again and again. It is very important that you make sure not to spam your audience: if you have ever thought of buying a large number of other people’s contacts, it would not be a smart idea, because your message must reach the one who wants and needs to read it, who might buy what you offer. Otherwise, those same people you are targeting may block you, and after that you will hardly get a second chance.

Two big advantages of email marketing are:

–           Email campaigns are much cheaper and simpler to implement than other campaigns in digital marketing;

–           Easy measurement of email campaign effects using user feedback and analytics.

This type of marketing will allow you to advertise a product or service at the online shopping site, inform potential customers about special promotions and discounts with the possibility of direct ordering and remind potential customers to complete the started purchase, if it is an online electronic sale, and offer products to the customer that are complementary to those he has already purchased.

You only need to come up with a good email title (Subject) that will enable a sufficient number of clicks, as well as an attractive design of the email itself. It would be best if you conduct the email campaign together with the other digital promotion and advertising methods you have chosen.

Types Of Email Marketing

There are various forms of marketing emails you may send, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. We created this blog to assist you in selecting the most suitable email type and executing its use.


The newsletter is currently one of the most popular ways that marketing communicates with current and future customers. It is a text that contains information and news about a company or another business entity that is regularly sent via email to users, customers and anyone who is interested in, for example, a certain fashion brand.

What is specific about newsletters is that they deliver only one piece of information to the user’s email address, thus informing about discounts, new products, new features…

People often subscribe to them because they offer various things in exchange for subscribing to the newsletter, such as various e-books, informative pdf’s and the like. It is one way of collecting e-mails. Of course, today every serious website should have an option (usually on the main page) where the user can automatically sign up for their newsletter.

The newsletter should look attractive by design and should be simple. It is not good or smart to push “100” products on sale into it, but a few basic products that are on sale. The text in it should be simple, short and well thought out because you can ask yourself if you would read the whole book in the newsletter. We know they wouldn’t.

What is perhaps even more important is the title of the newsletter itself, what you see when you open, say, the promotional section on Gmail. That title affects whether you will open that mail or not. So it’s a good idea to think carefully about what the title will read.

Welcome emails

A welcome email is an email that the recipient receives immediately after signing up for the email list, where the recipient is thanked for joining the email campaign. Welcome emails have the highest open rate and build the first impression with recipients about your email marketing strategy. They enable us to take the necessary steps and engage the recipients in the right way.

Welcome emails are a great tool for connecting with new customers. They set the tone for future communication and give the customer insight into your company’s communication style. As such, welcome emails are an integral part of any business.

Welcome messages fall under the category of transactional emails, which are the types of emails that are sent automatically after consumers interact with you in some way. When used correctly, transactional emails can create brand loyalty and increase ROI, while getting your brand in the right voice and building great relationships between customers and businesses.

If you don’t know where to start, we can suggest the following:

– Notify someone that they have successfully opened an account or subscribed to receive your email;

– Thank users for joining your community of online stores;

– Inform the user about what their subscription includes by saying how often they can expect emails from you;

– Encourage users to follow your online store on social networks, and much more!

Promotional emails

Any successful email marketing strategy must include promotional emails. They are a straightforward but effective technique to promote your good or service. The purpose of promotional emails is to raise awareness, bring in money, or increase client loyalty and retention.

Promotional emails should have clear calls to action that nudge readers to make a purchase. Additionally, you can use these emails to persuade clients to download, sign up for, or register for a service.

When done properly, this kind of marketing can aid a company in boosting consumer engagement and retention in addition to revenue. Therefore, the goal of a promotional email’s content and layout should be to persuade the receiver to act within a certain time frame.

If you want to Write successful promotional emails, you should do the following:

  • Customize the subject line of emails;
  • Be succinct but impactful;
  • Concentrate on a single message;
  • Create a mobile-friendly email;
  • Carefully check for errors.

Sponsorship emails

Developing an effective sponsorship email is one of the most important aspects of supporting events and brands. It will serve as a key document when looking for partners to combine marketing campaigns with. It has the ability to either make or break a deal.

Your attempt to obtain financing from your preferred sponsor is represented by a sponsorship letter, which is frequently referred to as a sponsorship proposal. Of course, you’re not just asking for money; you’re also explaining how it will be used while enticing the sponsor to contribute.

The following are the fundamental elements of a sponsorship letter:

  • – A Summary of who you are;
  • The explanation why you contacted that person;
  • Details Regarding Your Audience;
  • our Opportunities for Sponsorship and Activation;
  • An indication of the timing of your follow-up.

What Are the Tools Used for Email Marketing?

There always appear to be new marketing-related tools, techniques, strategies, and trends to learn about and include into your plans. We know it is hard to keep up with them, so we wanted to help you by mentioning the most popular ones.


With the help of Mailchimp, managing and communicating with your clients and customers has never been easier. It is a web-based program that functions in the majority of web browsers, so there’s no need for you to download or install anything on your computer.

With if/else rules, time delays, tagging and grouping your audience members, or even making subscribers repeat a journey, you can divide your audience into distinct groups.

Campaign Monitor

A global technology company called Campaign Monitor offers an email marketing platform. It provides top businesses with the email marketing tools they need to leave a lasting impact on their target audiences.

Numerous various businesses rely on Campaign Monitor to help them leverage the effectiveness of email marketing, including media moguls, tech behemoths, organizations, and many more. It’s more than just a tool; it’s a comprehensive analytics package that provides you with an overall picture of the effectiveness of your emails, including geographic distribution, user acquisition, and campaign engagement. You’ll get useful information that you can use to improve your strategy and show how effective your email campaigns are.


Sendinblue is an all-in-one digital marketing platform that enables B2B and B2C companies, e-commerce merchants, and agencies to develop client relationships through transactional messaging, marketing automation, and end-to-end digital marketing campaigns.

This tool is a  great option for a low-cost email marketing platform.  It provides a variety of digital marketing solutions that are ideal for big e-commerce companies, small businesses, and everything in between.


This is an online marketing tool for small enterprises. With EasySendy, you can start a variety of campaigns to interact with your subscribers, including drip email campaigns and social campaigns for all the main social media sites, SMS, Facebook Messenger, and emails.

Additionally, it provides small businesses with a slew of sophisticated marketing automation features, a transactional email delivery API, and an all-in-one CRM to manage their clients and staff effectively on the EasySendy app.


A multi-channel marketing platform is SendPulse. It combines every consumer communication channel onto a single platform, allowing you to reach your audience through their preferred channel. Email campaigns, online push, SMS, transactional email, and messengers are some of these (automated chatbot flows). Each component has a unique price, which is decided.

Without any prior understanding of HTML, you can write responsive emails with SendPulse’s drag-and-drop editor. In-editor emails can be entirely customized.


Most people who are not involved in internet marketing think that email marketing is outdated and outdated, while in practice a large number of successful businesses are based on email marketing.

The essence of this type of marketing is a mailing list, that is, a database of email addresses of users who have shown interest in your products/services, and to which you will periodically send various advertising messages (notifications about new products/services, promotions, sales, etc.). In this way, all your potential clients will be timely informed about the news in your offer. So, to sum up, email marketing is still relevant and very helpful!

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