TOP 4 Website Color Palette Trends in 2021
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Every business has a unique story and requires unique colors & combinations to express that story through the website. Moreover, when a visitor lands on your website, the first thing that attracts their attention is color. So using the latest website color palette trends of 2021 is the best way to amaze your audience at first glance more than the content and offers.

The more uniqueness you create for your website, the more you can stand out, with help of color psychology. It affects how your visitor responds to your message, links, call-to-action-buttons, etc., based on your website’s visual appeal.

Based on the current trends and user preferences, below are listed 2021’s top 4 website color palette trends. Have a look to know more.

  1. Evergreen Blue

We can see, most of the large corporations and many known brand’s website colors are blue. It’s not just a coincidence, as per the study blue is the most common color favored by many people, websites have no exception. As it represents competence, quality, loyalty, productivity, trust, and security, people of all ages will easily love it.

We can find various ranges from soft-tints to bright shades, like dark, pale, light, royal blue, etc in this blue color palette. It can be used for various niches such as medical, educational, banks, high-tech, utilities, and many more. But certain shades look cold for food-related sites, so be careful and consider all aspects before choosing.

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2. Color Opacity & Overlays

Although color opacity and overlay techniques are old, it is currently on the trending list because of its variations. With these techniques, any old and boring website look can be changed into a modern look with a touch of style. You can cover any image or video with a splash of color as well as make it easy to readable.

So may think it’s a complex process, but careful learning can make it easy and allow you to create new shades that stand in limited art choices. Also, you can bring out all-new shades and unexpected visuals on the website, which creates a lasting impression.

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3. Retro Color Schemes

Trends often emerge with new creations but retro website color palette is always special in web designing. It has its strength and uniqueness as it was made popular through the emergence of photo filters.

The incorporation of warm retro colors with new trendy shades brings out the nostalgic feelings of visitors. This can be used in almost all category sites like fashion, home décor, gardening, toys, music, etc. Whether you focus on the optimism of the ’50s or joyfulness of the ’70s or trends of the ’90s, retro shades surely satisfy your desire and create a big impact on visitors.

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4. Black – The Dark Mode

No matter what the color it is nothing can stand against black if you use it carefully in designing a website. Black gives prominence to the content and is also a great choice for highlighting designs and visual content. These features simply attract anyone and save a lot of time in the designing process.

Moreover, the dark theme is #1 in the trending list because it interfaces help with eye strain in the dark environment, gives soothing experiences, and adds a polished look to the entire design. From large enterprises to small businesses are switching to dark themes as it is the most preferable theme for mobile users.

No matter what website color palette you use from the above list, as long as you give careful consideration to every tiny factor, it can be added a ravishing look to your website or mobile application. So, be specific to be unique.

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