What is Voice Commerce? How Voice Search Power Your Ecommerce Apps?


Voice Commerce The Future of Online Shopping

Whether it’s the pandemic period or after-lockdown, people getting more interested and feel comfortable doing online shopping than in-store shopping. No matter what, groceries, clothes, accessories, digital gadgets, or books, most of all the users like to search, shop and order.

To hold up to the user’s interest, eCommerce stores integrated voice search technology into their eCommerce apps to make it more convenient for users to find what they want. It has been successful from day one and the live example is Amazon’s Alexa.

What is Voice Commerce?

Voice Commerce refers to the big shift that is happening with online eCommerce. It allows you to make online purchases using only your voice and a compatible smart device like a phone, tablet, or smart speaker (connected to the internet).

With the emergence of voice search technology, consumers are demanding human consulting over automated solutions. There are now millions of intelligent assistants ready to provide real-time answers to customer queries. For example, if you’re looking for Adidas shoes on Amazon, you can ask Alexa, “find me sneakers of Adidas” and see what she comes up with.

voice commerce

How Does Voice Commerce Work?

Voice assisted commerce is a type of conversational commerce, where a user interacts through voice recognition to search for and purchase. Unlike traditional eCommerce, which requires a user to either enter in a search query or pick items by pointing and clicking, voice assisted commerce works on a user’s voice command.

How Voice Search Power Your Ecommerce Apps?

Voice search in eCommerce app is not a simple thing, it seems easy to do voice shopping but offers countless benefits with voice assistance.

  • Easy To Activate

Allow voice recording for the eCommerce app in your smartphone, then it will automatically enable voice search in the app.

By using voice search, one can easily browse, explore, shop, or order in a little span because voice command saves all your time of typing keyboard and choosing filters.

  • Voice Assistance

A smart Voice Assistant, like a store sales assistant, can assist you in getting things done quickly and contextually. It displays all the relevant products/searches for your search query.

For example, When you’re doing your monthly grocery shopping, the voice assistant can suggest and remind you about items that were previously in your cart but aren’t on your current list. This is also a major benefit for brands. The same goes for other products in the eCommerce app!

  • Voice Navigation

Users tend to look around the app to find what they’re looking for. It may be exploring the catalog or navigating to other portions of the program via the menu bar, for example. Precisely,voice navigationdoes the same! It allows users to be on the relaxing modeand simply say out what they want to seek, and the app will instantly lead them to their destination without them having to utilize the screen to do so.

  • Voice To Cart

It streamlined the navigation procedure into a single command that allows users to add to their cart directly, or at the very least into two steps where disambiguation is impossible. Avoids all the process of finding as scrolling and moving from Homepage to Categories, Categories to brand, brand to product, or choosing filter options.

  • Hands-Free Shopping

Hands-free shopping, the word itself is tempting to experience and also helps us follow health and safety policies in this COIVD-19 situation.

Voice based shopping offer the flexibility to use the app without constant interaction (hands-free shopping), or the ability to create a shopping list or collect better quality feedback by allowing users to share their experiences by just going to the app. You may shop on the go while doing anything else like cleaning, cooking, etc., with voice search in eCommerce.

Voice based shopping

Voice Search Benefits

  • Voice search is a natural, and fast method of communication.
  • Voice commands are more intuitive than typing out search queries on a keyboard.
  • Time-efficient.
  • Personalized experience.
  • Streamlines catalog of relevant products to user’s query.
  • Have multilingual (multi-language) options.
  • Improves overall user experience.
  • Enhance customer engagement.

According to the reports, 72% of smartphone users preferring voice activated shopping over traditional shopping. So, if you want your eCommerce app to be listed in top-searches and merged with advanced technology to stand ahead, upgrade with voice search integration today.

Need assistance in voice search integration, contact Devgraphix to hire our eCommerce website development services.

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