SEO vs. PPC which technique can pull off your online business better?

Not sure which boat to sail (SEO VS PPC) to get across all the bounce backs and low conversion rates in your online business?

Do you also ask people around what’s a better option, SEO or PPC? You are in the right place then!

Both SEO & PPC are the roads that lead to high traffic and good return on investment of online business. But, which one out of both, is the best for your business? You may ask.  

To answer this question, let us revise what SEO & PPC are.

What is SEO

Whether you have just entered the world of online business or digital marketing, you must have heard terms such as “Organic traffic” or “Search Engine Optimization” that are all a part of Search Engine Optimization.

Fig. The best service providers will rank accordingly according to their organic reach on the google pages when you ask for them…

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process through which your business’ website is optimized to reach the highest ranking in Google and other search engines. In Search Engine Optimization, you pay someone to take your business to the height of success through your content.

How does Search Engine Optimization benefit your business? 

Search Engine Optimization is a vast field that benefits your business in the following ways-

1. It provides your business with original and organic traffic.

Search Engine Optimization is an authentic way of organic traffic generation. In search engine optimization, you pay your SEO expert to make your page rank (and stay there) on various search engines authentically. Once you start succeeding in SEO, you can be assured a ranking within the first few pages from google for the long term.

2. The ROI on SEO is larger.

Search Engine Optimization is a rather cheap way of gaining traffic to your business. Unlike other marketing techniques, you do not pay to earn. You only pay for an expert who believes- “Content is King”. And through that content and a bit of trick and tips, your SEO expert will give you good results.

3. The success in SEO stays.

Search Engine Optimization may benefit your business largely if applied smartly and in the right direction. Once your business starts attaining results from SEO, you do not have to refresh it again & again.

Demerits of Search Engine Optimization

There are some demerits with Search Engine Optimization as well-

1. SEO is a time-taking process.

Search Engine Optimization is a difficult process. It may take time to provide desirable results. Usually, the best SEO Optimized content also takes a lot of time to rank the top few pages of Google and other search engines.

Thus, if you need the results within a very short period, then SEO is not the right window for you to knock on.

2. Search Engine Optimization is all about “credible and authentic content”

“A copied content gets devoid from its juice”

No matter how good content you create, you will only get noticed if the content is authentic and you are a verified expert in the field. If you do not have authentic content or resource to provide to your audience then all your SEO tricks and techniques may go in vain.

What is PPC?

Have you ever searched something online and noticed the top few websites which have an “Ad” written above them? That occurs because of PPC.


Fig. The “ad” symbol in the image represents Paid campaigns (PPC)

Pay per Click is a marketing technique as simple as its name. If you are taking a PPC service from your marketing expert then you will have to pay a small amount fee every time an audience clicks on your website.

The main of pay per click is also to generate traffic and increase ROI.

How does PPC benefit your business?

1. PPC gives quick results.

Pay per Click is a technique in which your marketing expert decides a very strict audience and reaches up to it through several demographic, geographic, or AI-related data).

2. Through PPC you can do quick experimentation.

Compared to search engine optimization, PPC is quicker to perform. All you have to do is set a campaign, understand algorithms, run a few tests, and read the results.

3. PPC allows you to choose your target audience.

When your content reaches an undesired audience, all you get is a bounce back. In the case of PPC, you get to decide your target audience, and thus, there is less number of bounce back.

Where do PPC services lag?

1. PPC is an expensive process.

PPC can get exhaustively expensive if your business is in a competitive niche. In some cases, PPC may also reverse your ROI. Such as, in cases where the charges that you pay each time your audience clicks on your website are higher than the benefit that the business acquires from the campaign.

2. It does not stay for the long term.

PPC is a process that requires monitoring every now and then. It is a hand pump that stops providing water as soon as you stop pumping.

To keep your ad campaign from staling, you will have to create and post new content every now and then.

3. PPC demands an investment of money and time.

For SEO, you have to invest just time (and in hiring an SEO expert) but to run a PPC campaign you will have to invest both time and money since the start of the campaign. The worst thing, PPC campaign goes stale as soon as you stop investing in it.

So, which one is better? SEO or PPC?

The answer to this question is- It depends.

Whether to choose SEO or PPC, depends on various reasons. Reasons such as, what is the niche of your business? How quickly do you want the outcomes? Etc.

Let’s learn a few reasons below.

You can choose PPC services if-

1. If you own an innovative product.

Suppose you have invented a new device (and you are the first one to do so) that measures the number of calories you take within a day. What would you do?

You will probably spread awareness about your product. But do you think people will reach it organically if they aren’t aware of any such thing existing in real? Probably not. So, in case you are launching a new product, you must go with paid campaigns to spread quick awareness about your product before your product gets outdated.

2. If you are launching an offer.

Suppose you are about to run a republic day sale on your website. You would want this information to reach your target audience quickly and going for SEO means, half of your audience will know about the sale after it ends. Thus, in such cases, you must go for paid promotions.

You can choose SEO services if-

1. If you are here to stay.

Suppose you are in a competitive business and you aim to take your business to new heights. Then, we would suggest you choose to opt for SEO service. As you know SEO provides results in the long term and even though the process takes time, it stays for longer!

2. If you are trying to promote commercial content in your business.

How many times have you clicked those “ad” websites that come on the top-ranking every time you search for something?

I usually skip all the ad websites and click on the first website that comes below them. This is so because it is human’s mentality to trust the “organic results”.

So, if you own an eCommerce business, I will suggest you opt for SEO services.  In the SEO services, your SEO expert will promote your content through various means such as link building, hyperlinking, guest posting, website blogging, etc.

Summing up-

Both SEO & PPC are viable ways to generate traffic and earn revenue. Some of the scenarios in which you must find yourself stuck between choosing SEO or PPC are explained for you above.

Extra tip:

Whether you have just started or you have grown out of the “growth in process” phase in your business, taking both SEO & PPC services hand-in-hand can help your business attract maximum traffic. Taking the best PPC services will help you spread awareness and taking the best SEO services will help you stay in the rankings for the long term!

Hope this blog helped you decide what your business’ need for the hour is. Got any queries? We will be more than happy to help!

Let’s talk!

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